Solar water heater


A way to heat water for home use. You will apply concepts in heat convection and radiation in understanding and improving the design. The sun heats up water in a system of pipes. The hot water circulates in such a way that the lighter heated part flows to the top of the tank and can be used for, say bathing.


Vertical Tabs

Vertical Tabs

Step 6

We are basically done. A couple of things to do:

- Paint the piping system black (why?)

- Disconnect all parts and glue them together. Be sure you are satisfied with all the lengths and the final configuration.

- We want the piping system to heat up in the sun, right? How do we make sure the heating is efficient? How do make sure we dont lose heat in the tank? Come up with your ideas!

- Test your device. How did it perform (figure out what the metrics are)? How can you improve it?

While building (or thinking about) this device, did it occur to you how you can implement an engineering solution to someone's needs today?

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